Though most of what we hear on the radio these days is Top 40 bubble gum pop, the occasional real talent breaks through the noise. Artists like Macklemore and Lorde have brought a new sound to the radio and subsequently catapulted to stardom seemingly overnight.

Not everyone gets a big break like that. Luckily, social media plays a big part of a successful promotion strategy. For the first time, artists can interact directly with fans and share innermost glimpses of their lives touring and behind the scenes.

Here are three indie groups that are using new media and creative online marketing strategies to boost their presence and grow their audience.

She & Him


The show New Girl has turned Zooey Deschanel into something of a household name these days, but she’s also the singer of the band She & Him. The group, managed by Zeitgeist founder Jordan Kurland has a twangy, bluesy sound that differentiates them from much of what is out there today. Though they aren’t quite top 40 material, they have a unique sound that’s entirely likable. Jordan Kurland admitted in a recent interview that he founded his company so he could curate a collection of artists based off of his personal interests. He said: “I had a strong desire to build something that was more of a reflection of me and my taste in music. So I took the plunge.” She & Him is a result of that leap.



The debut album from Matthew Hemerlein has already been lauded in the music community. Described as: “A brooding, quietly intense exercise in electronic torch song,” by Dazed and Confused, this artist has a lot to offer the indie scene. Matthew is trained in violin, cello, bass, piano and guitar using George L’s cables, and plays all the instruments on this eclectic album. He’s engaging with his fans on Twitter, always retweeting positive feedback and posts a few times a day. His celebrity is only increasing as Lo-Fang was recently slated to open for Lorde’s tour.

Mumford & Sons


They started small and grew into an international sensation. The Mumford & Sons twitter account now explicitly states: Official Mumford & Sons Twitter run by M&S HQ. Their stream features posts with tour updates, performances, and promotional material. Though the exchange is less personal, it’s informative and engaging for fans of the artists. Mumford & Sons might not be considered indie anymore, but they were the epitome of an indie, hipster, euro band when they first started touring.

These artists have made good use of new media outlets to promote themselves and grow their brand of music. Each band uses social media differently and the boundaries vary depending on the group.