Even though the Powerball jackpot has been claimed, and you’re almost certainly not one of the winners, it’s still fun to fantasize about what you’d do with the millions in winnings. Super high-end fashion? Ultra-leisure? Magnificent feasts? An amazing outdoor space where you can get both sun and shade (thanks to retractable awnings)? You could have it all.

But you’re (probably) not a millionaire. You can still buy an awesome custom home, with some of these awesome features.

1. Sunroom


A must if you have a view!

2. Loft


A great use of space that gives your space a cozy feeling.

3. Man Cave


The perfect retreat for the man in your life.

4. Wet Bar


To entertain your party guests.

5. Two-story library

Stitched Panorama

6. Covered Lanai