get more visitors to your blogBlogs are a valuable asset to your business. They provide enhanced visibility to your business, engages the audience in a conversation, Shares a Company’s expertise with others, and builds additional web traffic. If your run a small business with limited resources, blogs are a cheaper alternative to building and maintaining a complete website. Getting more users to visit your blog might be more challenging than getting more visits to your website. The six easy ways to accomplish this are:

Select an Interesting and Engaging Title to your Blog

Selecting an interesting title to your blog posts is very important to attract more visitors to your blog. People will generally see the title of your blog articles on their email, Facebook, and Twitter and decide whether to read the content of the blog or not. The title of your blog articles should be able to break through the clutter on the web. Some of the tips for having an engaging title to your blog articles are: selecting a unique and controversial title, using good key words in the title that people search for, being specific, using numbers (E.g. 7 good exercises), etc.

Content of the Blog Should be Easy to Read

The content of your blog should be simple enough for people to read and understand it easily. If your blog posts have lengthy paragraphs with complex words, users may not completely read your post and leave the blog without commenting and sharing on the post. Some tips to make your blog posts easy to read are: use small paragraphs, use numbered lists and bullet points, give key words and statements in bold letters, and use simple terminology.

Content of your Blog Should be Search Engine Optimized

The content of your blog should be search engine optimized so that it becomes easy for people to find your blog effortlessly on search engines like Google and Bing. Give links to other relevant articles on the internet using keyword-rich anchor text. While making your blog posts search engine optimized, ensure that focus well key words in your blog posts.

Promote your Blog’s URL

A simple way to increase the visitors to your blog is to promote the URL of your blog just like you promote your website’s URL. The best way to achieve this is to be active in forums. Others tips for doing this are; include your blog’s URL in your signature, letterhead, email signature, and many other places.

Include Social Sharing Buttons in your Posts

While posting articles on your blogs, include social sharing buttons like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn. This will make it easy for your readers to share your blog posts with their family and friends and get you even more visitors.

Encourage Interaction

Encourage the readers of your blog posts to interact with you and among themselves. One way of achieving this is by including a question at the end of the blog asking their comments and suggestions. Keep replying to the comments posted by your readers. This will ensure your readers that you value their opinion.

Many a times, it may not be enough to have a blog with great content to attract more customers to visit it. The strategies elucidate above can help you a lot in getting more visitors to your blog.

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