I’ll admit that I’m not a fan of bugs at all. This wasn’t always the case. When I was younger, I never had a problem with spiders or other bugs. I’d dig for worms, find beetles, and watch in amazement at the power of an ant colony. However, as I got older and into my own home bugs only came around in a bad way. A fly landing on my steak while grilling, ants finding their way into my sink if I left a dish dirty, and then spiders my wife freaks out about. Bugs have become a real pain for me.

The bed bug infographic below didn’t help make me feel any better. I’ll admit that right after I saw this I went and checked my entire house for bugs. Luckily my beds were safe. I do admit though that there are a few homes I’ve been in that I’m not sure are nearly as safe as mine. I’ve had to sleep there a few times and the idea of a bed bug crawling on me, leaving it’s eggs, and hoping I take their babies back to my home is just upsetting.

I’m all for everyone being required to hire a pest control company to help them make sure there bugs are clean. I mean, if we can get rid of small pox and bugs as tiny as a microscopic virus… why can’t get rid the world of bed bugs? Unfortunately, it seems that the opposite is true.. The bed bugs seem to be winning the battle.

Bed Bug Infographic
Bed bug graphic by Moxie Pest Control of Northern Virginia