Still haven’t found a good new year’s resolution yet? Try “detoxing” your home and going green. By being eco-friendly and using sustainable energy substitutes, you can make the environment healthier for not just you, but for everyone!

Helping the environment is easier than you think. Instead of straining yourself to think of creative ways to go green, take this free quiz and calculate your carbon footprint to see how much you are impacting the environment and what you can do about it.

In 2013, Americans reportedly consumed about 18% of the world’s primary energy. To this day, we continue to consume more energy than is needed. These infographics from Treetopia are mesmerizing and at the same time a bit cringe-worthy when you consider how much energy the biggest light displays in America use.

The charts below illustrate how costly these light shows can be every holiday season, and demonstrate just how much power it takes to keep millions of lights lit compared to what is needed for an average American household. Maybe it’s time to reconsider how we celebrate holidays by using fewer lights in our displays or using more energy-efficient bulbs.