cloudflare review at info carnivoreI recently discovered a new web service that has changed my blogs and particularly my niche sites which earn income from affiliate sales. Special thanks to my good blogging friend Jeevan Jacob John who introduced me to CloudFlare, (You can find him and his blog at or follow him on twitter @techpupil, I know he’ll appreciate it.)

An Overview of CloudFlare

The service is CloudFlare. The essence of CloudFlare is simple: to protect and accelerate any website. Sign up for an account, have your web traffic routed through CloudFlare’s intelligent global network and watch the spectacular results. Now I must say making a decision to route my traffic through a 3rd party service was incredibly challenging. Being all to aware of security and privacy threats I was especially cautious when it came to making a choice to point my websites DNS elsewhere.

CloudFlare is no joke and the results of utilizing their service has been nothing short of amazing. CloudFlare automatically optimizes the delivery of your web pages so that your site visitors get the absolute fastest page load times and optimal performance. In addition and a magnificent add-on is that CloudFlare blocks threats and limits abusive bots and crawlers from wasting your bandwidth and server resources. The bottom line is sites that are powered by CloudFlare will always see a significant improvement in performance and a decrease in spam and other types of site attacks.

Anyone that owns their own domain can utilize the services of CloudFlare. It took me less than 5 minutes to setup my first niche site with CloudFlare. The best news is that the primary features of CloudFlare are free, and of course there are pay services available for those who need extra features like real time reporting or SSL.

How Fast is Your Site Loading?

I regularly check the load speed of my websites with a service called Pingdom. Pingdom features a tool that tests the load time of all the elements on a page, and helps you find bottlenecks quickly and easily. The Full Page Test loads an entire HTML page (which includes all the page objects, images, CSS, JavaScripts, RSS, Flash and any frames). It accurately mimics the way a page is loaded by a web browser. Pingdom will show you the load time of all objects visually with time bars, and you can view those objects in load order. The bottom line for most webmasters is site load time. Being disappointed with the load time of some of my niche sites was for me the biggest motivator in trying out the services of CloudFlare.

Google announced in 2011 that they do look at and use site speed in their ranking algorithm (though Matt Cutts say it is not a huge factor. I suppose huge is a matter of subjective opinion???). You can see Matt briefly discussing this in a video here. If CloudFlare is effective at increasing site speed, and Google is taking site speed into consideration then you owe it to yourself to take advantage of a free service such as this.

CloudFlare Review, the results are in

I’ve been absolutely amazed at how well CloudFlare has worked for me in the first couple of weeks I’ve been running it. I initially tried it out on one of my niche sites just to see how well it would work. Being quickly impressed with both the ease of setup, and more importantly the positive results of running the service I quickly signed up all my websites including this my primary blog.

When I first directed my DNS name servers of one of my niche sites to point at CloudFlare I anxiously waited to see what the outcome may be. A week later I was quite impressed with the overall results. Though it is a small sample period and a site with minimal amount of traffic the effect of CloudFlare on the website was phenomenal. The first and most notable result was when comparing site load time to past tests. Using Pingdom’s site load time test I observed past tests showed this site loading slowly, including results of 15.98 seconds, 13.5 seconds, and 14.7 seconds. Tests in the last week are showing the following load times, 3.6 seconds, and 4.5 seconds! Astounding. CloudFlare informed me that in the first week I utilized the site I saved my website visitors a total of 6.7 hours and saved 102.6 MB of total bandwidth.

The niche site that I initially tested CloudFlare on has finally experienced some stabilization in rankings, instead of bouncing around obscenely and dealing with frustrating ongoing hosting issues (Server 500 errors), the site speed is up and google seems to like that… a lot! CloudFlare has done a fantastic job handling the site. Stabilized rankings mean dollars, and that’s a bottom line when it comes to niche sites. Since going to CloudFlare I’ve experienced a surge in traffic and sales due to the higher rankings I’m now getting from google.

In addition to all the fantastic CloudFlare features I’ve mentioned is the fact that in the event that your site goes offline, CloudFlare is able to serve up the latest cached version of your site to visitors. Ensuring that your site never fully goes off the map again.

Your thoughts on CloudFlare

Is this a service you would try? What are your thoughts. Do you trust this concept, and do you think it can catch on?