Beat the Heat this SummerIf you feel like you’ve been sweatier this summer than you’ve ever been in your life, you’re not alone. The heatwave that has swept the east coast has been agonizing. With multiple days over a hundred degrees fahrenheit with the heat index, it has been unpleasant to say the least.

Challenge Details

Michael & Son, a well-known family business in the Washington region launched the Stay Cool Challenge to see how residents were keeping cool on the hottest days. While plenty of us have opted to stay indoors in the cool air conditioning, there are plenty of innovative ways to cool off outdoors too. From swimming to boating to sleeping on ice pillows, locals have submitted some truly creative photos to the challenge.

Grand Prize

If you’re interested in participating and showing off how you’ve beat the heat this summer, submit a photo to the challenge. Each participant is eligible to win a Coolest Cooler stuffed full of mystery swag. ┬áThe prize is valued at $2500 and the cooler is truly awesome. It comes with a built-in blender, bluetooth speakers, bottle opener, and boasts up to 5 days of ice retention.

Now that’s how you stay cool!

Submit online or tweet a photo at #MScoolzone for a chance to win!