greenmarketingTV-avatar-130x131Are you taking your business in a green direction? Are you being environmentally conscious? Some of the best green business ideas of 2010 were focused on waste reduction, clean energy sources, hybrid vehicles and perhaps one of the most tangible ideas for all of us, illumination. In 2009, Purdue University attained a significant breakthrough in lowering the cost of LEDs, and in 2010 these bulbs went on the market for home and business use. While the cost is still high, the price along with the length of bulb life and energy savings is comparable to most compact fluorescent bulbs. So why am I writing about this? Many faithful info carnivore readers will know that being green is a topic that I often write about, particularly when it comes to green technology issues. You can read some of my thoughts on recycling of electronics, here.

Get inspired and participate in the green economy

I was recently introduced to a green business blog that offers up the mantra “It’s one thing to do good. It’s another thing to make a triple bottom line business out of it.” Taking a look at Green Marketing TV I was inspired by what they offer and teach, covering the art of green and social entrepreneurship, through insightful and inspiring articles on successful businesses, interviews with visionary entrepreneurs, down-to-earth marketing tips, hands on tutorials, and more. Their mission is simple, to inspire individuals to participate in the green economy, by providing stories, tools and information to empower positive social change.

10 Free Tools to Measure your Social Impact

One of the first articles that caught my eye at Green Marketing TV offers up information on 10 free tools to measure your social impact. Some of the tools mentioned are ones most web entrepreneurs are likely familiar with, Klout, Google Analytics and to name three of the ten. Green Marketing TV features articles, videos and podcasts about being green in business, marketing, and technology.


I want to challenge all my readers to do something this year to improve how green their business is. Whether it involves the way you recycle, changing some lightbulbs, adjusting the power saving modes of your computers, or getting involved in a bigger project like some of the ideas discussed at Green Marketing TV. What are you doing to go greener in 2011.