The fall and winter are home to many holidays – from Halloween all the way to the beginning of the new year, there’s a holiday around every corner. Thanksgiving and the Christmas season are great excuses to have social gatherings and meet up with friends. It’s the perfect time of year to host a get-together, with so many out of towners visiting from all over, settling in for a few days of relaxation and catching up with family and friends.

The holidays have come and passed in a flurry of hurried “Happy holidays!” called to passersby on the street, lots of presents and extra delicious treats, and a few days of rest and relaxation that none of us wish would ever end. And even though the holidays are over, party hosting by-laws don’t change. A good host is always appreciated, thanks to their careful selection of food, music, and fun for the gathering they’re hosting. Christmas Trees and sparkles aren’t the only ingredients in the recipe for a great party.

As you get ready to move into the new year, keep some of these hosting tips in mind to throw a party none of your guests will forget. According to a recent survey by the folks at Joybird, just be sure to keep a clean home and stock your bar and you’ll have the beginnings of a party no one will be able to stop talking about.

Check out how Americans are hosting parties below.