The holiday season brings joy, festivities, and, for many, a bit of extra spending. Rainbow Restoration recently surveyed 2,100 Americans to dive into holiday expenses. On average, Americans spend $147 on holiday decor and $187 on additional meal preparation, totaling $334 annually. Mississippians top the spending list at $522, while Delaware residents are the most conservative at $233. 


When it comes to holiday decor, Maryland stands out, with residents spending a remarkable $264 annually. In contrast, Delaware, Maine, and Nebraska exhibit more modest spending habits, averaging around $95-$107. The South dominates decor spending, with Kentucky, Tennessee, and Texas allocating over $200. Notably, seven of the top 10 spenders are in the South, highlighting the region’s penchant for lavish holiday adornments.


Shifting to holiday meals, Mississippi leads with an annual expenditure of $321, while Florida maintains a modest $130. Interestingly, some states, like New Mexico and Florida, exceed their decor budget by $113 and $54, respectively.


You can find the full survey here.