Ever wonder how the pros do it?

Deputy sports editor at The Washington Post, Cindy Boren, “doesn’t play games”.

CindyBorenPhoneBoren is a busy lady with lots on her plate. To keep her professional life in order, she uses her smartphone to make the most of every moment. Games are out, but apps like Twitter, Vine, and the Yahoo Sports app are very much in.

Studies show that Twitter is now a primary news source for individuals, so it comes as no surprise that a journalist who writes for one of the most popular newspapers on the East Coast would have that app downloaded on her mobile device. Twitter is a great app for up-to-the-minute news.

Is It Ever Okay to Check Email During Dinner?

When asked whether she has ever checked email during dinner, Boren scoffed: “Of course! How else do you survive Thanksgiving with family?” she quipped.

While some industry leaders have strict rules to put their phones away during dinner, others are more lenient to help avoid crises. If glancing at your phone during a meal mitigates the chances of a reporting disaster, it’s worth it.

Words to Live By

Finally, Boren wraps up her interview by reminding everyone to “manage technology so technology doesn’t manage us”. It’s a good lesson for anyone, but especially important for smartphone users who become reliant on their mobile devices. Make time to set the phone aside and focus on life around you beyond work.

The Experts

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