A survey reveals the red and green flags when online swiping. 

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

Online dating is common these days; in fact, over half of those under 30 report having used a dating app or site. With this many people searching for Mr or Ms. Right online, you’ll want to make sure that you’re sending the right signs.


To help make online dating less overwhelming, Fashion Nova surveyed over 500 female dating app users to find what they consider red flags in potential partners. To further gather information, they searched Google Trends search volume to determine which states are the most obsessed with meeting their online matches. Keep reading to find out reasons why some don’t swipe right. 


In order to send out “green flags” to prospective partners, you’ll want to have a photo with a musical instrument; 44% of women say they’ll swipe right if they see an instrument. It also doesn’t matter to almost 70% of women if you include your height in your profile. 


You’ll also have a higher chance of finding a match if you live in the District of Columbia, Vermont, or Rhode Island, as these are the most dating app-obsessed states. You’ll have a harder time finding a match online in California, Texas, and Florida, as these states are the least obsessed with online dating. 


Curious about what may contribute to those missed connections? While there are plenty of fish in the sea, you don’t want to post a picture holding your catch of the day. Over half of the women polled said they’re swiping left on profiles with guys holding a fish. 


Fashion Nova’s survey also revealed women also weren’t a fan of gym selfies, shirtless pictures, and using filters. Women also swipe left immediately over 60% of the time if you have photos with a girl’s face blurred or blacked out on your profile. Women are also looking for some details written in your profile; over 60% of women polled said it’s a red flag if your profile doesn’t have a bio. 


Are you surprised to find out that the classic dating rule of letting the guy make the first move holds true online? Over 80% of women polled wait for the man to message them first. The first message should also be more intriguing than “hey” or 20% of women will consider that a red flag. So guys, make the first step with a clever message to meet the potential love of your life! 


You can find the full survey here, so you can nail your online first impression.