Now that winter is on the horizon and the last few weeks of fall are quickly passing, the temperatures are dropping. Once again, we’ll likely stay home, keeping socially distanced to protect ourselves and our loved ones during the holidays. But no one seems to mind that during this time of year, especially because of the holiday traditions like baking, watching Christmas movies, and more. 

When we first began staying home during March, cooking was one of our favorite ways to stay busy and pass the time. Tons of people learned how to bake bread at home, worried about finding it in the stores (or just enjoying the spirit of home-cooking). Safe to say, cooking during COVID-19 has been one of the most popular pastimes as people are stuck at home. But how many people are cooking healthy? 

When Google released the top searched recipes of quarantine, there were some surprising recipes on the list! 

According to Chowhound, the following were the the top searched recipes by state: 

We know it’s tough to stock up your fridge with fresh food regularly, especially when you can’t get out to the grocery store regularly. That’s why when we saw the sugar counts of America’s top searched recipes during quarantine, we had to share – especially since the infographics showing the sugar content of the recipes are so sweet. 

Top-Searched Quarantine Foods Static Sugar Graphic

Pound cake has an astonishing amount of sugar in it, but then again, would it be so delicious if it didn’t? 50.4 grams of sugar is far more than the recommended amount for both men and women in a day. What’s surprising is that most Americans actually eat far over the recommended amount of sugar in a day — on average, adult Americans eat over 71 grams of sugar each day

The Sleep Junkie team who put this study together also mapped out the sugar content of popular recipes in each state. You’ll have to check out their site here to find out how much sugar people in your state are consuming when they’re cooking up their favorite quarantine cuisine!