At the beginning of quarantine, our lives came to a standstill. Having to stay home from school and work, limit personal interaction, and make use of newfound free time made life a bit depressing, for some more than others. However, thanks to our good ol’ technology, getting through quarantine got a little easier. 

Luckily, social media, streaming services, and video games helped carry us through our indoor blues. Whether it was Tik Tok dances, new movies, and documentaries, or Madden, this much-needed entertainment got us through the roughest patch between February and May of 2020. Even though some of our lives may be back to normal, we can’t forget that crucial time that changed all of us in some way. 

Sometimes we may look back and ask, “How did I get through that difficult time?”. Cozying up on the couch or in the bed and binge-watching your favorite show, or watching a good new movie helped a lot of us. In fact, a new study from Caprelo shows takes a look at what people were watching throughout the world during the early days of quarantine. 

It turns out that Tiger King — which may not be much of a surprise — was an extremely popular series around the world at the beginning of quarantine. However, others were getting their drama fix by binge-watching Grey’s Anatomy, a perfect mix of love and saving lives in medical emergencies. But Suits, starring Megan Markle, took the top spot across the world, with being the most popular series in eight countries. 

Map of the Most Popular American TV Shows In Different Countries

As for movies, people were watching new flicks such as Trolls World Tour, which came out during quarantine, while others were taking a trip down memory lane with nostalgic movies such as The Wizard of Oz (1939) and Toy Story 4

Map of the Most Popular American Movies In Different Countries

Since the beginning of quarantine, streaming services have ramped up their entertainment, and have way more options to offer. So for those of us who are still hanging out at home, happy binging!