Good news for you if you can’t keep it together over the latest gaming console, or if you have to have the latest release of your tech gadgets. There have been so many different technology releases this year, it’s hard to focus on which ones were most exciting. Especially since almost anything was exciting if it was new, considering we’ve spent most of our time at home this year. 

Google search volume for a Nintendo Switch was up nearly 20% throughout the duration of the first lockdown in March 2020. Although as restrictions became a bit more lackadaisical during the summer when many areas of the U.S. were experiencing the move into Phase 3, the search volume for Nintendo trends back downwards, we know 2020 was an exciting year for technology and innovative releases of new products. 

Nintendo Switch Reimagined as a Vintage Ad

Although innovation and the futuristic experience that is 21st-century technology is improving our lives in a variety of ways, it’s fascinating to take a look at the historical use of marketing in vintage advertisements and compare or contrast how these releases might have been advertised. Especially considering how popular the Nintendo Switch was during the first lockdown! 

Before the internet was a factor, advertisements were far more wordy, using descriptions in boldface fonts to snag the attention of the audience or readers. Now? Advertisements are usually video clips, architected to make a product, person, or service perfect. Check out more of these vintage-inspired tech ads by the marketing gurus at LeadMD as if our futuristic technology had been gifted to us decades, and decades ago. 

iPhone  Reimagined as a Vintage Ad

Inspired by the iPhone 12 release this year, the iPhone advertisement is humorous, eye-catching, but also descriptive about the technology. What we thought was interesting and too real about this ad is that it pegs the iPhone users as obsessed, and engrossed, in their own worlds with their phones. It hits home. 

Take a look at all of the ads here. Which one is your favorite?