A picture speaks a thousand (or million) words. Instagram is one of the latest and increasingly popular social media platforms where registered users can upload and share photos with friends and the rest of the world. However, as usual, businesses look for ways to capitalize with social media without violating terms of policy. Similarly, many celebrities find that engaging in social media is critical to their careers. Below are four reasons why your business should be on Instagram.

Engaging an Audience

Building an audience beyond one’s own hometown has enabled growth and expansion for many local and offline businesses. The Internet has provided a virtual bridge to make this happen. While some local businesses may find social media platforms such as Instagram unnecessary, it can be beneficial in that it can teach these hesitant businesses about trends within their own business model. Moreover, it can allow businesses to scope competition, connect with other businesses to maximize exposure and allow connections with clients/customers on a more personal level.


Not only can Instagram activity connect a business to its customers and other businesses on a personal and professional level, perhaps most importantly, it allows a business to build or expand its brand. Promotion is necessary for leads and leads are what generate sales. A bar or nightclub may share pictures of previous concerts or flyers of upcoming events and in turn, wind up selling more tickets and alcohol to increase profits. And fans love winning free stuff. Many businesses on Instagram hold contests by encouraging followers to snap pictures and attach a hashtag, according to a prompt, and upload them to win free products or services.


Instagram is currently the “it” social media platform of the moment, just as Pinterest had its shine in the spotlight just last year; they are both similar given that they are primarily photo-based. Thus, keeping up with social media trends can be critical to one’s business. Why? With the diversity of people engaging in social media, a business is sure to find its target market(s) within this Internet culture. Moreover, keeping up with social media trends reveals a business’ efforts of increasing its brand awareness not only to increase its profits but to stay relevant.

With more social media platform efforts popping up left and right, trying to stay active and keep up with them all can become overwhelming. One piece of advice is to not join every single popular social media site. Find out which ones work best for you. Another suggestion is to hire an assistant to manage your social media sites if you believe “the more the merrier”.

Have Fun

While running a business requires dedication, sweat and sometimes tears, it should never be all work and no play. Instagram is perfect for displaying fun times in the office or when you’re out and about having lunch or dinner with coworkers. Sharing these types of images with followers speaks volumes. It not only suggests that you don’t take life too seriously while on the job, but instead you must be happy and successful in your career.

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