A partner and a little love is all it takes to make a baby, but it takes a lot more to be ready to raise one.

Americans were surveyed on what is required to consider oneself prepared to raise children. In a study conducted by Chicco, the survey results show that current parents consider commitment to a partner most important with more than one-third of respondents answering as such. It is clear that couples appreciate having a teammate to lean on when things get tough.


Next on the pyramid, parents answered that financial stability (17.9%) is the second most vital to parenthood. This is unsurprising, considering that children are the gift that keeps on costing. Survey respondents said emotional maturity (16.6%) is third most important, rounding out the top three with an emphasis on healthy habits and effective communication.


Interestingly enough, nearly 14% of parents answered that they were not ready to have children when they did. This indicates that more than 86% of respondents think they were ready to become parents when they did. It may be hard to believe that many people were prepared to parent, but confidence is all about faking it until making it. After all, as long as the child is loved, their parents will find a way to make it work. 


The gift of life is a cherished one, but prospective parents need to make sure they are adequately prepared for all that comes with it. Next time baby fever goes around, remember to consider these tips from seasoned parents before getting busy!