People love to travel. It’s estimated that Americans and international travelers in the U.S. average around $2.7 billion per day in total cost. And while there’s plenty of people visiting the United States, and plenty of domestic travel, there’s nothing like dreaming of just getting away and experiencing something different. A different culture, a different climate, or a different way of life can make for a wonderful getaway. But where do you want to go?

One company,, sought to figure this age-old question out. They said they decided to find out what country each state was most interested in per year for the last five years, using data from Google Analytics. By gauging search trend popularity for countries throughout the world, they were able to come up with some interesting results. Some seemed to be a natural fit, while others were a bit of a surprise.

Looking at the most recent data, taken in late spring 2017, much of the country is interested in the Bahamas. That seems to make sense leading up to the summer travel season. Overall, seven states had the Bahamas as their travel dream. In a similar vein, there were a number of other tropical destinations that led in multiple states. Jamaica was the leader in four states, and the Cayman Island lead in four as well.

Europe is usually a popular summer destination for Americans, but according to Google Trends, Europeans countries weren’t the favorites in too many states. The UK did lead in four states, and there was some interest in countries like Ireland, Portugal, and Italy. Both North Carolina and Wisconsin had Switzerland.

As always with data, there were a few results that seemed to be outliers in 2017. Texas had Indonesia, and California had the Maldives. For such large states, presumably with large search volumes and search interests, it seems a bit out of place to have those as the leaders. It would be interesting to see how the results would change at the end of 2017 as opposed to the middle of the year.

We all have places that we want to go. Most everyone has a dream vacation that they would like to take. For many Americans, that’s an international trip to somewhere different — a change of pace. By using data from Google Analytics, it’s fun to see what your state’s dream is, and how it compares to the rest of the country.