It’s no secret that men and women have very different habits when it comes to buying and wearing clothing, but just how different are those wardrobe habits?

A recent study polled men and women from various regions in the US to determine what differences really exist when it comes to buying and wearing our attire. The results are intriguing – in some areas, both sexes tend towards the same behavior, while in others, the differences are dramatic. Take, for example, the ‘Common Ways to Organize a Closet’ results, and you can see that both women and men seem to prefer the same organizational methods. However, when looking at the ‘Average Amount Spent on a Pair of Shoes,’ men seem to be the biggest spenders by a significant margin.

So, are men and women significantly different when it comes to clothing behavior? You could probably make the argument either way, but this survey suggests that men and women are more similar than stereotypes imply. From closet organization to shoe ownership, the data seems to show that men and women have more in common than not, so before you make a generalization about a gender’s preferences, take a look at these charts.  

% Wardrobe Worn in Last 6 Months $ Amount Spent on Shoes $ Spent on Shoes- Men vs. Women Closet Organization- Men vs. Women Closet Stress Hidden a Purchase from a Partner? Online vs. Brick & Mortar Shoe Ownership by Region Shoe Ownership- Men vs. Women Time Selecting an Outfit- Men vs. Women Time Selecting Outfit by Region Wardrobe Additions by Region Women's Shoe Ownership by Region