It seems that you can’t turn on the television these days without stumbling upon a home renovation show. It’s easy to believe you can be a home renovation connoisseur after watching countless episodes of Fixer Upper and Flip or Flop and seeing home transformations unfold, often wondering to yourself if you could carry them out yourself.

The team at Empire Today recently used Google Trends to explore which home renovations Americans are most interested in. The team analyzed search activity and interest by state for many keywords and phrases related to popular home renovations to determine the most popular renovation in each state, They came up with some interesting results!

The most popular renovation project across the U.S. is the living room, this makes sense as we spend the most time here – though hopefully no-one knocks down a load bearing wall in the process!

Taking second priority across the U.S. are deck, patio, and porch renovations, it’s important to have a good grill space after all.

Strangely, bathroom remodels don’t seem to be popular with only California and North Dakota searching for them.

The least popular home renovation is the bonus room with only Tennessee searching for this renovation. Perhaps Tennesseans are ahead of the pack and have remodeled everything else in their homes already?

Does this state map ring true for your own home renovation projects?