Over the past five years, the number of homes and businesses who have added solar panels to their construction as a more sustainable form of energy consumption has significantly increased.  While individuals across the country have been doing their part to reduce their negative impact on the Earth, there are some states and even cities which really stand out in the solar power industry.

One of the more popular cities for solar power in the US is Long Island. Since 2012, the city has seen more than 38,000 of its residents and businesses apply for solar panels. That’s just one of the interesting facts that were pulled from a data analysis of solar applications in Long Island. EmPower Solar commissioned a third party to highlight solar panel trends. The analysis also looked at popular months for solar applications, the contractors putting in the most work in Long Island, and the towns which have been submitting the most applications in the past five years.

All of the most interesting data can be found in the infographic below:   

While solar applications are continuing to grow in popularity, 2015, in particular, saw a large spike in interest in solar energy. Hopefully, the applications continue to come into these popular contractors as we move forward and Long Island continues to be a role model in the solar industry.

*All of the application data was pulled from public data from PSEGLI.