Real estate prices can sometimes seem illogical. How can a 6 bedroom, 4 bathroom home in Vermont sell for $185,000, while one of the same size in Los Angeles would be in the millions? Sure, location is important, but the variance can sometimes be alarming.

What about mythical homes, though? A designer at recently reimagined the home-for-sale listings of iconic video game characters, including size, price, features, and more. As one would see in actual real estate the price varied significantly based on what each home offered to prospective buyers.



One of my favorites from the set of graphics is Doom Guy’s home. Featured in the image is a distinct juxtaposition between suburban elements and the chaos of the character’s video game environment. This is apparent from the classically-styled house surrounded by a smattering of fires. The cherry on top is the listing price of $666k.



Pac-Man’s is also quite entertaining — only $12k! But you would apparently have to live among ghosts.

Not only do these graphics illustrate the diversity in real estate, but they also show that of video game environments. If only saving up to buy a home were as easy as finding a floating coin above a block!