There’s no denying that being a college student isn’t always easy. Amongst the fun associated with college, there’s also a lot of balance involved in being a well-rounded student. Between finding time to study and do assignments, making friends and having a social life, working a part-time job, and sometimes working an internship, college can definitely be stressful. 

The good news is that studying and making good grades isn’t impossible with a little hard work! While studying isn’t the most fun part of college life, it is incredibly important to make time for it. A recent study from Grand Canyon University found out which states are the homes of the students who study the hardest. 

Students in Virginia put studying as their highest priority, as they ranked number 1 in the study. They scored a perfect score of 100 out of 100. The states coming in second and third are also along the East Coast – New Jersey ranked #2 with a score of 94.13 and North Carolina isn’t far behind scoring 94.04 and coming in third.

The study took the ranking a step further and took to Google Trends to find out which study tool, website, or mobile app, each state prefers. The two searched study tools overall were a tie between FLIP and Khan Academy, both were searched for in 5 states. The second place winners also tied. BrainPOP and Course Hero and those were both searched for in 4 states. These study tools have likely become even more popular since the start of the pandemic, with remote learning gaining popularity.