social media apps for serious bloggersWith more of use choosing to set up and run a blog there a subsequently lots of toolsfor allowing us to do the job just that little bit better. From building the pages themselvesthrough to keeping an eye on how much traffic our posts are getting, there’s never beena better time to start a blog. What’s more, some people are having so much success withtheir creation that a few are even starting to make some money from them. Although it’sa competitive marketplace with thousands of blogs out there, if you use the right softwareyou may stand a better chance of getting yours seen.

Of course, building the blog in the first place is the main hurdle so it’s little wonder that somany people decide to use WordPress. This is dedicated blogging software that enablesthe user to not only produce new pages but also edit and amend them as needed. It canbe expanded to suit your needs and there are numerous predesigned templates thatyou can use to create a blog or tweak settings in order to produce a completely bespoke

Using digital images has also become an integral part of producing a blog so an appthat can cover those requirements is also an essential. Try the likes of Adobe PhotoshopExpress, or Instagram, both of which will allow you to edit and manage your images priorto putting them on your live pages. Keeping image sizes to a minimum is one of the keyparts of this process, but something like Instagram will also allow you to apply cool filters
and other effects to your shots for an extra touch of visual appeal.

If your blog is already getting a reasonable amount of traffic then it’s also essential to keeptabs in your stats. So, try out the Google Analytics app that offers a comprehensive way offinding out everything about visitors to your site. You can easily monitor and track which ofyour posts a most popular and tweak what you put on your blog as a result. This is a reallygreat way of shaping your content in the future, and using statistical analysis in this way
might also point you in the direction of ideas for making money from some of your contenttoo.

Keeping tabs on what others are doing in the world of blogging and social media is alsocrucial, so try an app like Social Media Trends for getting a complete overview of what ishot, and what is not, from locations all around the globe. The great thing about this is thatit allows you to monitor not only text content but images and video footage too, providingone of the most complete ways of keeping tabs on what’s going on the in the world of
social media.

Finally, package up all of your social media interests into one visual feast using Flipboard,which lets you amalgamate all content into a funky magazine style format. It looks great,is easy to use and also helps organise things into one convenient package, which isessential if you’ve got all manner of social networking things going on.