sparqcode info carnivore fan pageThe mobile future is now! SparqCode is absolutely amazing. I had the privilege of trying it out the other day and was very impressed. What is it you ask?

SparqCode gives you the freedom…

To click a picture (like the image at left) with your mobile device and be instantly connected to unlimited information on any topic. A SPARQCode is essentially an advanced 2D barcode which can contain many types of content from websites, to phone numbers, addresses, and maps. This is a new kind of interactive experience that can work on just about anything, and with limitless applications.

I can see the value this has for advertisers and marketers. Restaurants, TV Shows (for instance a SPARQCode can remind viewers of a season premier or of specific show times. Using a calendar specific SPARQCode, the TV show station and reminder alert can be added to any calendar capable mobile phone!)

Use the SparqCode generator maestro (qr code maker) to create your own codes which have the ability to do many things. Create a code that dials a phone number, sends a text message, shows a map with destination, links to a URL, pass on a contact etc. Give it a shot! First go to the qr generator ( and install the app on your mobile device. Then try it out! Point and click at the image in this blog post, and see where you land up… (It will take you to the info carnivore fan page, where if you enjoyed this technology article, I hope you’ll press LIKE and become a fan!)

I was really impressed with how quickly the mobile app was able to capture the image and load the relevant information associated with the tag. This certainly saves the time previously spent typing long URLs or texting shortcodes.

I’m certainly curious to find out if we begin to see codes like this more in our day to day activities. I can imagine a million uses, and expect that we may begin to see qr code (smart barcodes) in all sorts of places, perhaps on movie posters, in television ads, certainly in magazines, books, etc.

What do you think of this kind of technology, what value do you see it having? Do you think this could catch on?