An infographic is a term that can mean many different things these days. However, at its core an infographic is a tool to inform the audience on a particular subject or topic. How it informs can be in a number of ways, from graphic-heavy to text-heavy or a mixture of both.

Like the format, the topic covered can be just about anything. From lighthearted to serious, a well put together infographic can convey the information in an easy to understand way.

We recently came across a series of infographics that deal with one of the most serious topics: substance abuse. This series of graphics, put together by the team at Lakeview Health, show the damage that substance abuse can have on the brain.

The graphics are split into different substances such as alcohol, depressants, opioids, and marijuana. Each graphic shows the damage that abuse can cause to different areas of the brain.

This series of infographics is both beautifully illustrated and easy to understand, even on a tough topic. Check them all out below:


Source: Lakeview Health