Everybody wants to practice proper diet and exercise, but how realistic is that with our busy schedules and all of the amazingly tempting barbecue in the upcoming summer months? Wondering how you can maintain an enjoyable diet while also receiving all of the nutrients your body needs? Supplements may be the answer!

Here are five supplements to add to your current health regimen.

  • Multivitamin. Multivitamins are a great way to receive numerous amounts of nutrients without taking an annoying amount of pills. There are many multivite options that offer an array of different nutrients. When picking out a multivitamin, think about the foods you eat and the nutrients you already intake and try to pick a supplement that is bringing in new nutrients. For example, women often need a steady iron because they experience lower levels during menstruation. But because this example isn’t something men need to worry about, they wouldn’t need to include iron in their qualifications for important multivitamin ingredients.
  • Calcium. Everyone knows calcium is known for promoting strong bones and teeth! But did you know that it also works with muscle contractions, nerve impulse transmission, and blood clot prevention? Calcium is an important nutrient for a diverse group of people because everyone ages. Avoid developing brittle bones and putting your body at risk by taking calcium chews.
  • Vitamin D. Vitamin D is one of the most important vitamins. It helps maintain calcium intake’s strong bones and teeth, supports the nervous system, lung function, and cardiovascular regulation -just to name a few. While you may get some sun this summer, most people don’t get enough of a vitamin D intake year round. Best practices would be to start including it in your diet now.
  • EGT+. EGT+ is a popular name for ergothioneine, a naturally occurring amino acid that supports heart health by preventing oxidative stress. This refers to the rusting that happens to the heart over time. Because our hearts work hard to keep us healthy and fit, it only makes sense they weaken with age. EGT+ is the perfect supplement for anyone to take to keep their body strong and ready for anything!
  • Probiotics. Most people don’t know that the human body has almost 500 different types of bacteria living in the GI tract. But this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Only about 10% of them can be harmful. The other 90% are considered to be probiotics. Probiotics are known for boosting the digestive system, preventing allergies and colds, and helping skin conditions. Pumping probiotic supplements into our systems will complement the good bacteria cells and work to fight off the bad. While a lot of the other supplements are internally benefiting your body, probiotic supplements will implement a noticeable difference in the ways you feel and look.