As technology becomes more intelligent and complex, we may find ourselves watching old sci-fi movies and seeing parallels between our current technology and fictitious technology. We may gaze into the future, unsure of what to expect, but confident that technology will keep evolving and become increasingly integrated into our daily lives.

Virtual reality, self-driving cars, and drones have already been introduced to us. Our future might be entirely virtual, with flying cars, and who knows — maybe we’ll be living on Mars!

As we are already enthralled with our technological advancements, we undoubtedly have an appreciation for high-tech films. SimpleTexting, a tech marketing company, conducted a study on the most popular technology movies in each state, as well as the most popular films overall.

According to the study, The Matrix was the most popular technology film in the United States. The dystopian world and technological breakthroughs such as artificial intelligence and virtual reality shown in the movie captivated viewers and transformed our perceptions of the future.

Courtesy of SimpleTexting.

Some technological films may appear to be a little more realistic than we may feel comfortable with. The unsettling reality is that movies like Mainstream, which delves into modern social media culture, reflect on our current reality. Mainstream and Bloodshot are tied for the second most popular tech film. Bloodshot depicts more on science evolution, including the use of nanotechnology and biotechnology to resurrect a deceased marine.

These award-winning films will be great entertainment for those who are fascinated by technology, AI, virtual reality, and science. However, as we advance in today’s technology, we may reflect on how some of these high-tech and sci-fi movies end… just in case our technology takes a nightmare of a turn on us.