It may not surprise you to hear that people in most states searched for honeymoons in either Hawaii or Las Vegas. However, which states chose which of them, and which states had unique destination preferences may surprise you. A map based on Google search data put together by an ethical jewelry company reveals all of this.

It’s quickly apparent how popular Hawaii and Vegas truly were. Interestingly, South Dakota was the only state whose residents searched for an international destination, Jamaica, more often than any domestic ones. Texas, Arkansas, and Utah were among the small group of states whose residents most often searched for honeymoon destinations within their own borders. Kansas and Vermont Googlers sought out spots in nearby states.

When looking at the top 3 searches for every state, international destinations became more common. The Northeast was the only region that included searches for Ireland, while all four of them searched for honeymoon spots in Italy, Thailand, or Greece.

These and the rest of the insights from the data reveal the most sought after spots, so the next question is where Americans actually end up going. Luckily, there are many resources that have tips for planning the best honeymoon possible.