College brings the exciting chance to truly be on your own for the first time, but this independence can bring about expenses that quickly turn into a pit of debt which could take years to recover from. While exploring this new world, it’s important to structure your time and spending in preparation for life after college. Budgeting can be painful but, in turn, your savior during your college years. Here are a few tips to aid you in managing your finances:

Multiple Credit Cards Are a No!

One of the most common mistakes that young college students make is to gravitate towards freely using credit cards. Many financial institutions know that students coming out of high school are looking to build credit and, therefore, prey on this fact. A credit card for financial emergencies is always beneficial; however, to use them frivolously, or in place of cash, will have long-lasting negative effects on your credit.

Closely Monitor Your Spending Habits

Another aspect of college is being “forced” to keep up with your peers. Apparel and food purchases, albeit justifiable expenses, can be detrimental to your bank account. There are several ways to cut costs on common buys. For instance, before making a purchase, look out or coupons or discounts. has an extensive list of savings exclusively for students that will allow you to shop carefree while keeping your budget in line.

You might think, “where does the fun come in?” Believe it or not, many events and venues offer student discounts as well. Having fun on a budget may seem a bit limited but, it’s possible. Check out the following infographic from PromoCodesForYou for different entertainment savings.



Having a budget in college is necessary and will save you heartache in the long run. Would you test out some of these tips? Are there any money saving staples that work for you? Share your thoughts with us!