From palm trees to Mardi Gras beads, every state has something special to offer that you can’t find anywhere else. Furniture retailer Joybird decided to visualize this by asking Reddit users what they think defines their state. They took these user-generated responses and illustrated personalized graphics for each state.

Here are some of our favorites across the nation.

If you’ve ever been to Vermont, you are all too familiar with the items illustrated here. Maple syrup, Ben & Jerry’s, and flannel shirts are staples in this northern state, so we were proud to see Reddit users suggest these items most often.

Tennesse residents also portrayed their state accurately as well as Davy Crockett, country music, and moonshine fill the state illustration.

Did someone say Viva Las Vegas? While the whole state of Nevada doesn’t revolve around gambling and partying, Reddit users seemed to think so. The ‘Welcome to Las Vegas’ sign, poker chips, and feathers filled this illustration.

Another one of our favorites was another northern state, Massachusetts. Reddit users claimed apple picking, Boston chowder, and Dunkin’ to be their most iconic items – and they aren’t wrong.

The rest of the state illustrations can be viewed on the Joybird site here.