Have you ever wondered if your app preferences are similar to those of others in your area? Well, a recent study on the most popular apps nationwide based on Google Trends search data might just give you the answers you’re looking for.

Dating Apps

It’s not all that surprising that the study found Tinder and Match to be some of the most popular dating apps nationwide. But there were a few state-specific findings that you might not suspect.

If you’re single and from N.C. or New Jersey, for example, the study suggests that you should consider downloading Elite Singles, which ranks as the most popular dating app in these states. Or, If you’re single and living in Mississippi, you should look into Plenty of Fish, which is the most searched app statewide. If you’re from, D.C., though, and looking to get back on the market, downloading Bumble is the way to go, as it’s the most-searched app by those in your area.

Interestingly enough, the study also found that LGBTQ+ focused dating apps comprise 16% of the most searched dating apps in the U.S.


Health and Fitness Apps

In terms of health and fitness related apps, the findings indicate that Fitbit is the most popular app nationwide, ranking as the most-searched app in 28% of states. MyFitnessPal, Lose It, and Nike Run Club, also made the shortlist for most-searched health and fitness apps– together, these apps took the top slot in another 26% of the states.

In addition to the more well-known apps that made the cut, though, there were others that you might be a bit less familiar with. The hiking app AllTrails, for example, took the cake in Colorado. In Utah, on the other hand, LifeSum, a self-proclaimed “everyday lifestyle” app, topped the charts.


Fantasy Football Apps

If you’re into Fantasy Football, where you live is a pretty good indicator of your go-to app. The study found that there are relatively clear-cut favorites by region.

States in the eastern part of the U.S. tend to gravitate towards Fanduel, whereas those in the West prefer NFL Fantasy Football. As for Midwesterners, they seem to like Yahoo Fantasy Sports best. Additionally, an app called DraftKings peaked in popularity in the Northeast and Southwest.

The study also picked up on a trend in the more heavily-populated states, like California and New York. In such states, the Footballguys Fantasy Football app was much more popular than in states with lower populations.


Most Searched Apps Overall

In terms of the study’s across the board findings, entertainment apps, or those used to play games, listen to music, stream videos, or connect with your friends online, were the most searched. And in an age where most people make their entertainment a priority, it’s really no wonder that this is the case.

In regards to particular apps, the study found some not so surprising, but interesting nonetheless, correlations in certain geographical locations. In D.C., for instance, Gmail is the most-searched app. As for New York, Spotify is the most searched app– which also makes sense. After all, a little music is the perfect way to jazz up your walk or subway ride to work.


Now the only question is, what do your state’s findings mean for you?