The phrase is usually said like this, “how the other half lives.” But in our case, we’re using it to refer to the different zodiac signs and how they prefer to live, decorate, and maintain their homes. Of course, there’s a bunch of variation in the results of this new survey by Next Day Blinds, but the overwhelming them is that everyone has a preferred way to live — and you can see how here.

It’s always fun to find out how other people keep their homes organized or what routines they put in place to make sure their homes stay clean. Zodiac signs are, by no means, a hard science, but they’re fun to relate to because we can see a sliver of ourselves in the descriptions. Especially if you identify strongly with your sign!

The team was curious to know about the ways different signs would decorate their homes, so they delved into this question by running a survey to see exactly how the different signs would decorate their home.

Cleaning It Up

According to the survey results (and the honesty of the respondents) not many people claim to be neat freaks, and no overwhelming population of any sign or demographic admitted to having a black hole of a house. Let’s face it. Some of us are human wrecking balls. Sagittarius, however, was the only sign that had a higher percentage of respondents saying they don’t like to keep clutter and they clean their house more than normal. Hey, if it works for you!

That’s a Vibe

home vibe by zodiac sign graphic

The most popular vibe the signs are looking for their home to convey is a welcoming vibe — by far! It’s the number one desired vibe for all the signs. The runners up are a simple style, zen, or cool.

Check out the full study here. Do you think these results accurately display what works for your sign? Tell us in the comments!