As children we saved our prized possessions under the guise that they’d be worth something someday. For many of us it’s been several decades since someone told us our beanie babies might be worth a few more dollars down the road. And for us (or anyone around in the 90s), it’s both surprising and disappointing to see which of these collectible items have increased in value over the years.

The 90s were years of iconic toys like Polly Pockets, Beanie Babies, Tamagotchis, Happy Meals and more. It’s rare to find someone who wouldn’t be interested to see the current value of the toys that had us in a tizzy in our younger years. That’s why the team at LifeStorage decided to find out, for sure, what value people could get for their old school collectibles.

The top ten most popular 90’s collectibles analyzed were:

  1. Pokemon Cards
  2. Baseball Cards
  3. Happy Meal Toys
  4. Beanie Babies
  5. Vintage Cereal Boxes
  6. Polly Pockets
  7. Vintage Super Soakers
  8. Nintendo NES Games
  9. Graphic novels
  10. Tamagotchis

ROI of collectibles

What was interesting to see was that out of the top 10 most popular collectibles from the 90s, only one of them did not increase in value over the years. In fact, Nintendo NES games actually decreased in value by over 60%. That’s a big decrease! The largest ROI happens to be seen in the value of baseball cards which have increased in value over 3400%.

Owning some of these toys even had a better ROI than investments in the stock market.

ROI of collectibles vs stock investments

The nostalgia is undeniable. You can read the entire report on the LifeStorage blog.