tips for entrepreneurs entering social mediaSocial Media is a powerful tool that is revolutionizing the way people communicate. In recent years, social media has aided in the overthrow of some of the world’s most oppressive regimes and reconnected thousands of people. However, it can also be used for entrepreneurs to launch their business ideas to a global market. Here are some tips for entrepreneurs when delving into the world of social media.

Choose popular sites for hosting your content. The more users a website has, the more potential views your business page will receive. This would include, first and foremost, sites like Facebook and Twitter. While other social media networks do exist, these are the major companies and should not be neglected when attempting to enter the market.

Try to attract popular or famous fans and followers. Trends and fads tend to start from the top and work their way down. A good example of this would be the explosion in popularity of trucker hats. Justin Timberlake and Ashton Kutcher are famous for sporting Von Dutch hats, at a cost around $50, which sparked a phenomenon among the impressionable youth that started purchasing the merchandise in vast quantities. This lead to a quite profitable venture by selling an inexpensive product at a premium price; all with the aide of a few famous followers.

Be consistent with your social media networking. It takes time to establish a presence but hard work will be rewarded with fans and followers. Make sure to completely fill out all relevant information pertaining to your business accurately so people can contact you directly or the company. This also means that friend requests need to be accepted in a timely fashion so people will feel like the company actually cares about their potential clients.

Do not spam your audience. One of the worst things a person or business can do is constantly post issues concerning trivial matters. Of course, let the people know when a new development takes place or a new product becomes available, but do not inform everyone in your audience every time your shoe comes untied or you brush your teeth. Use discretion and common sense.

Along those same lines, avoid all controversial posts. This includes anything from religion to sports teams. If someone might take offense to an update or post that is about to be on the page, think twice before hitting enter. Furthermore, set the profile so you as the owner of the page are the only one who is able to make posts on the wall. Your company should not be liable for disturbing content posted by someone with the intention of sabotaging or tarnishing the image of the company.

Connect with businesses in your area to build a strong network. The great thing about social media is that it allows many like minded individuals to discover similar people with the same interests, regardless of proximity. However, persons with similar ideals and business ventures next door can both use social media and appear in somewhat of an alliance. This will allow the companies to not only increase market penetration but also share fans and followers so both businesses’ increase sales and potential clients; a symbiotic relationship.

Social media provides businesses with a wonderful opportunity to enter the market. Remember to first enter using one of the more popular sites, like Facebook or Twitter (or both). Try to attract famous people to endorse the product or follow your company. Be persistent in updating but not so much that you continually post about trivial matters. Never post anything controversial in nature. Finally, consider creating an alliance with other local businesses to share fans and increase market share.

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