Staying on task is difficult to begin with, let alone when you’re working from home. With so many distractions readily available, it can be hard to focus and accomplish your tasks. Small changes in your work schedule can make a big impact on your daily productivity and task management. Here are 3 tips for staying focused when you’re working from home.


Attempting to finish too many things in one day will lead to you accomplishing less and feeling more stressed. Instead, try to focus on a few major tasks for the day that you need to finish. Freelancer Daryl Weber advises “just try to get 3 things done per day,” as he calls these tasks his “Must Get Dones.” Prioritizing certain tasks each day will help you stay on track with better time management. Instead of trying to finish multiple tasks at once, focus on one for a specified period of time. You will get things done more quickly and efficiently, while producing better end results.

Take Breaks

Staying focused on your work is important, but taking a few breaks is crucial to remaining productive. Sitting at a desk indoors all day will leave you feeling drained and uncreative. Try to take a break every 30 minutes to an hour to refresh and refocus yourself. Public relations expert Dana Marruffo recommends that you “allow time to get up and move…and regroup your mind and body..” throughout the work day. Short breaks will help you accomplish more and feel ready to tackle the rest of your tasks for the day.

Avoid Distractions

Between your computer and phone, there are plenty of distractions to keep you from getting any work done during the day. Take control of your productivity by limiting your access to social media that you don’t need during work. Try a program like Cold Turkey to control what websites or applications you can access during certain times of the day. You won’t have the option to scroll through Facebook for 30 minutes and will immediately refocus on your tasks. Ignoring social media accounts during the work day will allow you to focus on what must get done and stop procrastinating.