The Boy Who Lived, rather unsurprisingly, has become something of a cultural phenomenon since Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone was published in 1997. There are movies, there are books, there are fandoms, there are even amusement parks created in the image of Harry Potter’s wonderful wizarding world.

The team at recently took on the task of finding out what the most searched for Harry Potter book in every state is.

top searched harry potter books graphic

It’s pretty clear that the top-searched book in the Harry Potter franchise and series is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. All around the United States, Americans are plugging in that title. While there’s some differentiation between the regions in terms of what spells people are searching for the most, it’s obvious the impact this book has had on people due to its popularity.

top searched harry potter spells infographic

One thing to note for certain is that there are several regions of the United States who seem to be searching for a particular spell. Here’s looking at you, Northeasterners and West Coast folks. Of all the spells to be searching, residents in these regions chose to search for the killing spell or Aveda Kedavra.

top searched harry potter spells by region

Dare we say locomotor is one of the most useful spells? The Southeast seems particularly worried about how quickly they can get around as well as move objects with them, but with such a wide region made up of so many different people and cultures, it’s reasonable southerners are looking to get around quickly. In the Midwest, residents are looking for light, meaning that Lumos is the #1 searched spell in that region. With cold winters and long nights, it’s possibly unsurprising to see this region paired with this spell.

What’s the most searched-for spell in your state? Find out from the full study here.