What comes to mind when you hear ‘wine country?’ Chances are, you thought of the South of France, or if you’re thinking domestically, perhaps Napa Valley in California. Those are certainly hubs for wine connoisseurs; but, it may be time to update your catalog of wine destinations.

Virginia is now one of the best wine destinations in the United States. With an ever growing list of wineries and vineyards, Virginia topped $750 million dollars in revenue from wine production in 2016 alone, placing the state solidly within the top 5 wine producers in the country. But, Virginia isn’t just an up and comer based on the amount of wine they produce – they’re also showing that they can compete with the best when it comes to quality.

Award Winning Vineyards

Mapped out are the top 10 most decorated wineries in the region, the least of which still boasts 25 awards. Grey Ghost Vineyards tops the ranking with a full 67 awards, obtained both domestically and internationally. But, Grey Ghost isn’t the only prestigious winery on the list – all of the wineries in the area have shown their mettle on the international scene, receiving a total of 392 awards across the top 10 alone.

map of best virginia vineyards

If the wine isn’t enough to draw you to the North of Virginia, the scenery and the hospitality may tip the scale. With many of the top 10 within sight of the Shenandoah Mountains, the landscape is breathtakingly beautiful, especially in April, Virginia’s ‘Vineyard Month.’ As is tradition in the South, the area boasts levels of hospitality that will make you feel at home while you tour and enjoy the area’s wine tasting events and gatherings.

Plan Your Trip

So, next time you’re planning your wine-tasting vacation, consider visiting Virginia and touring a few of the over 180 wineries that populate the state. Let the area’s rich history in crafting fine wines take you through the countryside while visiting a couple of the world’s best vineyards and wineries. Whether you’re staying for a weekend or a week, the area is sure to provide, and the wine is sure to impress.