follow fridayLike some bloggers who I pay close attention to (Blazing Minds and DragonBlogger), I’ve decided to develop my own “FollowFriday” twitter list to encourage people to find new faces to follow and why. Follow Friday tends to get a little out of control at times, with dozens of user names flying through the twitter stream, and no way to know who to follow or why. I’ve decided to limit my Follow Friday to ten carefully selected people each week, and to include them here in a post. I have personally found that concise lists with descriptions and an endorsement really help me to pick people to follow.

These ten people come with my stamp of approval (That’s right endorsed by Daniel Snyder), so you can be certain they are tweeting regular and valuable content. Here we go, in no particular order.

For the week of July 30th, 2010:

1. @DragonBlogger : Twitter Bio : “I am a married father of 2 Children who works full time in Information Security and blogs about technology, software, blogging and some product reviews as well”
My thoughts : Dragon Blogger tweets valuable content, he is quick to engage, and regularly invites users to participate in a random word poetry game. He’s also a fantastic blogger who is genuine and open, and quick to share advice, tips and his experiences. If you are learning to blog, Dragon Blogger will be candid and helpful, pay attention to his blog and his tweets.

2. @Aluwir : Twitter Bio : “Writer, blogger, artist: in the heart of Darkest Minnesota. Catholic convert, husband, father of 4 surviving kids. Recovering English teacher.”
My thoughts : Aluwir (Brian Gill) is a great engager, and faithful retweeter, he’s also been good to me by giving feedback on my posts along with the retweets, which always sparks conversation.

3. @AimeeJMartin : Twitter Bio : “Tenacious, Ethereal, Enigmatic, Anti-Trend, Logical Dreamer, Dynamic Pioneer, Geek to the Core, Single Devoted Momx3, Passionate, Fate-Driven”
My thoughts: AimeeJMartin is a blogger, who tweets some really interesting stuff, she also engages in conversation which as you can tell always earns points with me.

4. @MarkBell10 : Twitter Bio : “26yr old blogger aiming for big things – I tweet and RT good content! I re-follow too.”
My thoughts : MarkBell10 is new to blogging and someone who is super friendly on twitter. I recommend we follow him, and encourage him on his way.

5. @SilvaKreuz : Twitter Bio : “Christ-follower. Maker. Healer. Fighter. Nobody’s girl.”
My thoughts : Jovi does an amazing job at tweeting valuable new content, especially in the realm of information security. She has an amazing knack for digging up the latest scoops and interesting stories and sharing them with all of us. Interested in info sec? She is a must follow. Jovi is also super friendly, and a friendly retweeter.

6. @Kakroo : Twitter Bio : “InfoSec Blogger, Amateur Photographer, GadgetFreak, GreatFriend & now a security research intern.”
My thoughts : Has breaking info sec scoops and valuable tweets on a regular basis. Absolutely a great follow, and will keep you in the loop.

7. @titan7585 : Twitter Bio : “A college student of Computer Applications and tech blogger.”
My thoughts : Titan is a blogger, and friendly twitter guy. He is an advocate for my posts, and promotes me (so hopefully you too…)

8. @BlazingMinds : Twitter Bio : “Owner of two poodles. Blogger at Blazing Minds, lover of tech, life & people who make me laugh. Especially those that don’t mean to do it. You know who you are”
My thoughts : Karen is an excellent blogger who is very social on the web, she is quick to engage on twitter, and interact on other social networks as well. Tweets valuable and interesting content.

9. @Teksquisite : Twitter Bio : “Southwest NH It consultant and Internet Safety Expert with strong interests in computer forensics, Internet Security [botnets, malware] & social media…”
My thoughts : Bev is a wealth of information and good tweets, she is educated and tweets valuable info sec. content, she also has a blog called Tek Blog for which she writes.

10. @Security_faqs : Twitter Bio : “I write about internet security (and related subjects) in my own amateurish way because I love the subject. I’m a fan of Liverpool FC, Lost and 24.”
My thoughts : Lee is a friendly twitter guy, who retweets and comments on valuable content. He is also very intelligent and has a great blog worth reading.