Oh, social media. We love to hate it and hate to love it, but it has become such a huge part of most people’s lives. We’ve all found ourselves scrolling for hours, rolling our eyes at our “friends” posts, and sending memes back and forth.

But what really annoys you the most on social media? Is it political posts? Long posts that share too much personal information? Or someone trying to sell you a new lash serum that you probably don’t need? 

Insight Pest Solutions looked into which of the digital “pests” are the worst of the worst. They surveyed social media users from across the U.S. to find out which kinds of posts and behaviors bug them the most. They had three main categories of social media pests, (1) those that are financially motivated, (2) those that are overly personal, and (3) those that are just doing “too much” of whatever they are doing. 

Almost one-third of respondents said that people who post about their multi-level marketing business (#bossbabes, we are talking about you) or any generic get-rich-quick scheme were the most annoying financially motivated types of posts. 

Political topics can get very heated in today’s climate, and over 27% of respondents said that people who only post about their own personal or political beliefs are the most annoying in the overly personal category. 

One-in-five responses named people who share too many details of their personal lives and people who post cryptic messages or song lyrics as the overly personal things they find most annoying on social media. So maybe stop posting your long “life lessons” on your Facebook page. 

And when it comes to people “doing too much” (you know who you are), Insight Pest Solutions says the consensus was louder than ever. Trolls who go out of their way to troll others received over 40% of the vote as the most annoying behavior. 

So if you are reading this and thinking, “do I do that?” you should take another look at your social media feeds and make sure you aren’t the actual social media pest, because nobody wants to be that person.