If you have been wondering what it would be like to have a job in the pharmaceutical, or as also known medico-marketing, or pharma marketing, you can be sure you are in for an exciting journey! The pharmaceutical industry is developing fast, just like almost anything else, and the career opportunities are plenty!

Pharmaceutical marketing is the business of advertising, or otherwise promoting the sale of pharmaceuticals and drugs. Additional roles in the pharma marketing industry include the education of prospective clients, informing them about new products, services and special offers. Therefore, a career in this field can entail product and service development, research, communication projects, sales programs, customer relations and event coordination.

In General…

Every company has its own marketing program and organizes each of its projects and targets differently, but as a pharmaceutical marketing professional, you will coordinate and actively participate in programs, aiming to promote products to health-care professionals. Other responsibilities associated with this position include pricing, negotiating and working with external marketing agencies, branding and developing business strategies.

Skills, Qualifications and Knowledge Needed…

Besides understanding of the pharmaceutical industry and knowledge on the health-care system, some of the main requirements for a position in the pharma marketing field are obviously excellent analytical and research skills. You will often have to research the market, its needs and the changing tendencies of the industry. The development of a marketing campaign often requires budgeting and strategic planning. In addition, you need to be sure your campaign will work, so besides good research skills, you need excellent planning, a vision and eye for detail.


You know, as Jason Jennings once wrote: “It’s not the big who eat the small, it’s the fast, that eat the slow”. If you want to keep your edge and succeed in pharma, or any kind of marketing really, you need to be resourceful, think quick on your feet and have solid business knowledge. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you will need a university bachelor’s degree in business, or marketing, but it will help greatly. Knowledge and experience in the pharmaceutical sector is also essential.

Since you will have to team-up with your colleagues and express ideas, it should come as no surprise that excellent communication skills are a must. You might be the most skillful and knowledgeable person in your team, but if you can’t express your ideas via presentations, in writing or verbally, you won’t get noticed and you might not achieve the results you want.