web hosting and godaddy coupon codesChoosing the right web hosting provider is just as important as deciding what domain name you are going to purchase. Finding the best hosting provider from the beginning will save you time, money and unnecessary headaches. If you just do a simple search online for web hosting provider, hundreds of results will be returned as well as a few ads for hosting providers, but sorting through those results is easier than you may think.

Start by choosing a company that provides web hosting as a service that has stood the test of time. Online companies come and go everyday. It’s important to choose a provider that has already been around for a few years. Choosing the wrong provider means that they can close their doors tomorrow and you will be out a host and the money that you spent on the service.

Next, look into their Customer Support Department. If a problem occurs or you just need some guidance and have some questions, what kind of support do you expect? Consider what your preferred method of communication is as well as what kind of hours you keep. Not all hosting providers are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Some may only communicate through email and others just through chat.

Then, you may want to consider price. Some companies offer free hosting, but you may need to read the fine print to figure out why that is. Providers who offer free hosting do this because in return, they will post ads on your website. If you do not want ads on your site, then you can expect to have to pay for hosting. Prices will vary. Prices simply will depend on what is being offered and what is not being offered with the service.

One company that has stood the test of time, does offer customer support 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, and offers three tiers of pricing for hosting services is GoDaddy. For those who are considering having their website(s) hosted by GoDaddy, keep in mind that you never have to pay full price. GoDaddy offers coupon codes that can be used with most purchases. Coupons codes come in the form of a percentage off a purchase and a set amount off a predetermined amount in a single purchase. To start receiving GoDaddy Coupons Codes, simply visit the GoDaddy website and sign up for their email newsletter. Once you start receiving their newsletter, you will start receiving their coupons codes good for your next purchase.

Deciding what web hosting provider to use is not a tedious process as long as you do some research and consider what you want from your provider.