While warmer weather is always something to look forward to, it brings about more bugs. It’s a fact of life that at some point we will share our homes, knowingly or unknowingly, with insects, but it doesn’t mean they have to stay. Usually when the bugs show up, it’s time to call in the professionals.

It is also interesting to see how different areas of the country have different varieties of household pests. The south (especially Florida) is known for roaches, and the southwest has scorpions. But what about the northeast? The team at Insight Pest Solutions used their internal data on the number of service calls to look at the common household pests in a specific area, in this case Greater Boston.

It is not much of surprise to see that ants lead in most areas. Ants are everywhere and greatly outnumber the human population on Earth, a somewhat frightening idea. It would make sense that the company had a lot of requests for ant problems. Spiders are no surprise either, as they always seem to pop up in the corners of a home. What is interesting is that roaches did not lead in any of the towns. As previously mentioned, roaches tend to like the warmer climate, but that doesn’t mean they do not live up north.

So it appears the ants are marching in to Boston. I feel like there’s a Revolutionary War joke in here something, perhaps about the red coats. Regardless, according to Insight Pest, ants are the most common bugs that need a service call. Consider yourselves lucky, Bostonians, that it’s not roaches.