why I never retweet mashableMashable currently sits at 2.1 million followers on twitter making them the 38th most popular twitter user in the world! Mashable’s founder and CEO Pete Cashmore is only 25 years old and the story of Mashable is one of those feel good internet success stories. They were founded in 2005, and quickly became one of the top 10 blogs in the world. Currently Mashable receives over 30 million monthly pageviews, and they are very active on Twitter. Besides having 2.1 million followers, Mashable is highly influential and considered a “Twitter Celebrity”, Klout says Mashable has over 50,000 unique retweets, and despite having only 2.1 million followers their true reach is as much as 5 million people (as a result of retweets). In 2009 Pete Cashmore was also crowned by INQ Mobile as the most influential Briton and most influential Twitter user in the world. Okay enough Mashable facts, let’s get to the point.

I Never Retweet Mashable

And maybe you shouldn’t either. Why? Since Mashable is so influential I have no reason to bombard my followers with their tweets. Odds are they follow Mashable anyway! I find it frustrating when a new story breaks and I suddenly see ten tweets all from different people, that all say the same thing. I personally am not going to be one who helps Mashable spread their influence. They’ve done a fantastic job at infiltrating the web, so much so that I suspect I could probably stop following @Mashable altogether and still end up seeing all their tweets.

Think Before You Retweet

If you’re going to retweet a Celebrity tweeter, consider first. How many of my followers already follow this person? Might I be adding to the noise with a retweet, or is this valuable content that people may not otherwise see? You’ll never fully know the answer to that, but you can make a good guess. In the instance of Mashable I already know, there’s no point in retweeting. What do you think?