Women in FinanceFor many of us, there is no figure in our lives more important than mom. Mothers are full of love and wisdom and without them, we’d surely be ill-prepared for life.

This Mother’s Day, we are celebrating mothers who’ve done things a bit differently. Though today, there are many more women in finance than ever before, twenty years ago, it was a male-dominated field. For some women, it was difficult to break into the industry and they were forced to overcome a number of obstacles – both personal and professional – before finding success.

So what can we learn from mothers in finance? Check out some of their words of wisdom in this piece by Online Trading Academy.


Denise Winston, Founder of Money Start Here, urges parents to teach their children the value of their time. Imbuing children with financial awareness is the first step. She states:

“I realized I was doing my daughter a disservice by “doing” for her all the time. I was unintentionally robbing her of life skills that I hold near and dear (like budgeting, paying bills, etc). Understanding my role as a mother and what my true job was allowed me to provide my daughter with an education that has helped her survive in the real world.”


Leslie H. Tayne of Tayne Law Group P.C. says that when it comes to managing your wealth, find time to read and research. She advises:

“Don’t just invest or manage money haphazardly, have a plan and a backup plan.”


Personal finance blogger, Jen Perkins, offers advice for anyone who needs some help budgeting. She reminds us:

“You don’t need a degree to understand and implement the basic aspects of personal finance, just a desire and perseverance.”

While the concept of money is daunting for many people – female and male, alike – it is good to remember that you don’t need to be formally trained or certified in finance to form good financial habits.

The site features many wise women with lots of insight on managing wealth and being frugal on a daily basis.

So, on this Mother’s Day, and all future Mother’s Days to come, make sure you celebrate your mom no matter what kind of financial advice she has given you over the years. Take these money management tips to heart and make smart decisions when it comes to your personal spending habits.