With award season in full swing and the 91st Academy Awards a little over a week away now is the time to start watching all of the nominated movies if you haven’t already. From the widely-raved Black Panther to A Star is Born and Bohemian Rhapsody, this weekend might be the perfect time to clear your calendar and start watching.

Not sure where to begin? Look no further. A recent study by Joybird on the most popular movies and TV shows of last year offers some great suggestions. And according to them, the movie or TV show that you end up going with might just depend on where you’re from.

If you didn’t make it to the theater much in 2018, there are some really great movies that you might’ve missed. But luckily for you, the people in your state have spoken and made it clear what you need to catch up on. If you’re from Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, Nebraska, Minnesota, or Pennsylvania, for example, you should consider renting A Star is Born, as your neighbors agree that this was the best movie released in 2018. Or, if you’re from Hawaii, and haven’t seen Crazy Rich Asians, your neighbor’s seem to agree that you should, so why not stream it tonight?

But if your state’s favorite 2018 movie release doesn’t seem like your cup of tea, don’t worry. You can always pick from the list of national favorites. If you were to do this, you might end up watching The First Purge, which topped the charts in 9 states, or Deadpool Two, a close runner-up, taking the cake in 8 states.

Finished catching up on the Oscar-nominated movies and want to switch gears to television? No problem. There are plenty of state and national favorites to choose from.

If you’re a Northeasterner looking to stay in the loop with your neighbors, it might be time to binge-watch This is Us. Or, if you’re from the Midwest, you should consider watching The 100, as this is the most popular TV show in your region. But honestly, even if you’re not from either of these regions, This is Us and The 100 are still shows worth checking out, as they’re among the most popular shows nationally too.

Looking to catch up on the top new TV shows released in 2018? We’ve got you covered.

If you don’t have a particular preference for genre, it looks like you should start with The Resident, a new medical drama, which took the lead in 9 states. But if you’re not really into medical dramas, you should consider watching Insatiable, Mayans M.C., Elite, or Black Lightning, as these shows also made the short list of most popular new TV shows of 2018.