What motivates employees to work hard? Who’s really paid more- men or women? Do most Americans take home a salary? These questions, and many more, were asked as part of a recent survey conducted by CallidusCloud. The results revealed the who, what, when and how behind the ways American worker were paid in 2018.

Nearly two-thirds of the people surveyed reported that they were paid hourly, while just over a third worked for a salary. The other 4% of employees, not depicted in the graphic, were compensated through other means, such as commission or stipend. Next, we’ll break this down a bit more to examine how age and gender play a role in determining who is paid a salary.

While not entirely surprising, the study revealed that the older you are, the more likely you are to be paid a salary.  70% of millennials are working hourly positions versus 65% and 62% for Gen Xers and Baby Boomers, respectively. Men were also, more likely than women, to be paid a salary by a margin of 12%.

Speaking of men and women, there was also a significant difference in how much each gender made annually. Only 20% of women made over $65,000 per year compared to 32% of men, another 12% gap. And on the other end of the pay scale, women were 14% more likely to make under $45,000 a year when compared to men.

While compensation for males and females may vary, their motivations for working hard are much more comparable. The number one reason both genders choose to work hard is credited to a possibility for a raise, followed by their love of the job.


Another interesting aspect of this study was what percentage of people worked during the weekend. Almost half said they often worked during the weekend and another 24% said they did sometimes. This means a total of 70% of people work on weekends at least occasionally.

See the full report here.