Everybody loves a feel-good movie and no genre quite delivers like a good romantic comedy. With Valentine’s Day just a few weeks ago, the genre was all the buzz and why let it die down?

Framebridge recently compiled a list of the top rom coms by state and, quite frankly, all would be great additions to your must-watch list. If you struggle to decide where to start amongst all the gems, consider watching the rom-com people in your state loved the most this past year.

Every state seems to have a slightly different taste, with the most popular two movies only winning over three states each. The most popular overall was Something’s Gotta Give and Hitch which gained popularity in Colorado, Connecticut, and Oklahoma, and Idaho, Utah, and Virginia respectively. The other top movies range from classics like Sleepless in Seattle and Seems Like Old Times to newer movies like the 2018 release of Overboard, which was most popular in Arizona.

With streaming becoming the most popular and easiest way of accessing titles, it only seemed right to include what great original romantic comedies topped the charts on Netflix. The Kissing Booth was by far the most popular of Netflix’s original selection, and if you’ve seen the cheesy, at times cringy, teen film you probably understand. There is conflict and turmoil, but in the end, everything works out and the guy and the girl end up together. However, this film is different than your typical romantic comedy in that it doesn’t give off the illusion of “happily ever after,” but focuses more on the notion of “happy in the current moment.” The end (without giving away any spoilers) eludes to the main character’s uncertainty of the future, but a decision to take everything one day at a time. Other popular Netflix originals in the US include When We First Met and I am not an Easy Man, the first which was initially released in Brazil and the latter being spoken in French with subtitles. If you’re trying to shake up your viewing selection, these may be two to try.

No matter if you prefer feature films or Netflix originals when choosing a movie to watch, there are plenty of romantic comedies out there to suit any taste.