Styles of decor and design trends ultimately change over the years, but they have to originate somewhere. Since the U.S. is a melting pot of different cultures and peoples from all over the world, the styles of decor in our homes reflect that. Elements of American interior design come from all over the globe.

Although some trends make it to the U.S. thanks to their visibility through social media and the internet, other trends have long-standing cultural roots.

  1. Verandas and Arched Doorways

See Spain's influence on American design

In the Southwest, homes are reminiscent of both Mexican and Spanish architecture and interior decor. Verandas, arched doorways, iron, and dark wood furniture are all facets of Spanish style that have made their way to the Southwest and California.

  1. Tapestries and Bohemian Accents

See Moroccan influence on American interior design

Check out any college dorm or city apartment and you’re likely to find a hanging tapestry or a cozy nook outfitted with a bohemian leather poof that’s become popular lately. Bohemian accents, inspired by Moroccan decor, are a way to outfit your home with a “gypsy” or free-spirited vibe.

  1. Minimalism

The interior design trend of minimalism is from Japan

Minimalism has taken over in the United States, all the way from Japan. There are even books that encourage using this interior decor style to boost your well being! Matted colors, as well as sleek and simple accents, will give your home a zen-like feel.

Joybird's cultural influence on interior design trends map

This cultural map by Joybird is a fun, interactive way for people to explore cultural impacts on U.S. interior style. Travel around the world to discover where trends came from and what they might look like in an American home!