For the most part, US holidays are associated with a certain type of meal. For Thanksgiving, there’s turkey. For the 4th of July, there are hot dogs and burgers. For Christmas, it can vary by the person and family but it’s always a feast. It turns out, though, that ordering pizza on holidays can be pretty common for Americans.

A new analysis based on Google search interest data reveals which holidays are most popular for this type of thing. Christmas landed at #1 as it turns out. This is surprising considering the common ritual of the “big meal” each year. Up next was 4th of July and Memorial Day — each of which fall in the “summer BBQ” category.

Interestingly, New Year’s was all the way at #10 even though it’s only a week after Christmas. You’d think that these would have similar numbers, but perhaps people are sick of pizza after having it on Christmas.

You can view the entire analysis from Versus Reviews in the below infographic.